What we do

A division of WKU Student Publications, Cherry Creative helps clients reach the Western Kentucky University community. We publish special sections on a variety of topics, produce sponsored content published in print or online through the College Heights Herald or Talisman, and design advertising campaigns to get your message into any WKU Student Publications products.

Our team is made up of creative storytellers — writers, designers, artists, photographers and videographers with the skills to produce insightful, impactful media. Whether reaching the university audience or the wider community, we engage an array of clients to produce creative, sponsored storytelling across platforms, providing support and resources for the College Heights Herald and Talisman.

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Mission Statement

Cherry Creative sponsored content will:

  • Offer creative solutions to help businesses target a crucial audience
  • Produce insightful and impactful media that reaches viewers on a much more individual level than traditional ads
  • Abide by the same quality standards as the College Heights Herald and Talisman
  • Be properly and clearly labeled to be transparent for readers